Thursday, December 11, 2014

. . .and about that Cat, Yusuf. . .

raining like crazy today. winds up to 70, 100 mph in places.
i am listening to the wind
a song comes to mind. i search it out on youtube.
i listen
i am deeply moved by it and
the realization that this music
is a rock in the foundation of my own musical development
and now decades later
i listen
slower tempos - each interval, syllable
wrapped in acceptance of truth
the graceful presence of
the wisdom of age
and i am moved to tears
by the journey of this musician's search for truth
in his songs for a future time
the time of now. . . he sings . . .
i listen

i swam upon the devils lake, 
but never never never never
i'll never make the same mistake
no never never never

i know this truth
"i'll never make the same mistake. . ."
and am grateful to be living in this time of sages
such as yusuf islam
formerly known as
cat stevens
a provocative comparison
from cat to yusuf
Yusuf Islam

until next time, i am wishing you peace, serenity, grace.

Musically yours,